My FLOSS-ophy

Back in school, most of us were ingrained with the brush/floss way of thinking.  Because there was little information on other products, we drank the Kool-Aid and naively expected our patients would as well.

Right. All patients floss. Every day.  Uh huh.  And yet, we continue to hang on to the recommendation as if that piece a string was a life rope.

The reality is that only about 30% of patients use floss and of those that do, many cannot do it effectively enough to achieve a health benefit.

I haven’t used string floss in over 6 years.  My gingiva is healthy, and I have no decay.  I use a Water Flosser.

Let’s go of the ‘f’ word.  There are many products, including but not limited to the Water Flosser that are easier for your patients to use. And guess what, in some cases, like with the Water Flosser, they can be more effective in improving oral health.

3 Responses to My FLOSS-ophy

  1. Kathleen Schwarzer says:

    I agree! I see incredible results and compliance is over the top with patients who use a water flosser. Unfortunately, the price is out of reach for a lot of patients, especially with today’s economy. I wish I had the ability to hand them out, especially my low income clients. Who knows, maybe someday. 🙂

    • Steve says:

      We have a packet of info…we recommend the least expensive model that is sold by Bed Bath and Beyond… give the patient a BBB 20 % off coupon ..cost them net approx. $ 38.

  2. Kathleen Schwarzer says:

    Thank You for the information. I encourage them to shop around and I do give them a brochure that has the rebate offer. I have many patients who tell me they put the Waterpik on their gift lists when family asks what they want. 🙂

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