A Funny Thing Happened in the Toronto Airport

May 22, 2014

As a dental hygienist, you get used to the funny reactions people have when they you tell them that’s your profession. Some cover their mouths, others ask for advice, but the most will tell you how much they hate flossing. When I go on to tell people that I work for Water Pik, the reactions are even more fun. I sometimes get “you mean that thing that goes ‘psh, psh, psh’ between your teeth”; often followed by ‘I have or I want’ one of those.

In my travels I’ve had hotel clerks and flight attendants tell me how much they love their Water Flosser. I’ve even helped people in Target figure out which Water Flosser was right for them. But my best encounter took place a couple of weeks ago in the Toronto airport.
As I was going through security, I could see that the screener kept looking over at my laptop (which had my Water Pik business card taped to it). He kept looking at my computer then would glance at me. As it came through, and I went to retrieve it – he stopped what he was doing and asked me if I worked for Water Pik. Yes, I replied. “I love it, I love it, I love it” he exclaimed. “I loved it so much I got one for my son and he loves it too!” I was bit stunned; he stopped the entire line to tell me this. However, I could not help smiling and thanking him for using our product. As the people behind looked on in some amazement, I simply smiled at them too, and went on my way.

And as I walked away, something occurred to me. In my 30 plus years as a dental hygienist, I have never had anyone get excited like that over dental floss. On the other hand, more and more, I meet people like the security screener who tell me how much they love their Water Flosser. It is a great feeling to work for a company, which manufactures a product that makes a difference in people’s lives.