It’s okay to be weird!

August 20, 2012

So says Seth Godin in his new book “We Are All Weird.”  Since I’ve been known to say on more than one occasion that ‘weird is vastly underrated’ Godin’s ‘manifesto’ as he calls it, got my attention.  Now mind you, we aren’t talking about being a ‘weirdo’; by that I mean the person who causes the hair on your arms to stand up but rather the willingness and confidence to let your ‘uniqueness’ show.

When I first started out as speaker, it was important to me to ‘fit the mold.’ I thought that was the key to success in this business. But over time I learned the best speakers are the ones that stay true to themselves.    Allowing your audience to see who you are and what you stand for helps you have the highest level of engagement and bonding with your learners and is for me, the most joyful part of being a speaker.

I’ve met a lot of interesting (weird?) people at my courses and at trade shows, and even though I may be viewed as the ‘teacher’, I’ve learned so much from my attendees.  The desire to stay connected post-course is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog.  I also wanted a place we can share our ‘uniqueness’ and grow as individuals.  I welcome your comments and ‘weirdness’ is always welcome!